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wow first of all how do you even touch a bird

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But really, The Walking Dead’s TV adaptation did a lot of things right and wrong with their characters.
We get to see Shane's character developed even further than that we got to see in the comics.We see Carol and Maggie as apocalypse-hardened and strong characters which we don’t necessarily see in the comics.Hershel was much more of a one-dimensional hard ass in the comics than the amazingly caring person and father that we saw in the show.We saw a layer of light-heartedness in Michonne that we never really saw in her stoic-faced warrior comic interpretation.For Rick, we (on and off) see glimpses of him withdrawing from his leadership role in the comics that parallel the TV show, but we actually see his massive inner turmoil once after he loses Lori, and again when he relinquishes leadership duties to a council.MORGAN. In the two episodes we’ve seen him in, we saw a depth of character that his comic counterpart came no where close to revealing after Rick separates from him in the beginning (then later losing his son).
And there are also characters that just weren’t necessarily adapted all too well…
Dale… Oh, Dale… The moral center of the group gone sooo much sooner than any of us would have liked. One of the first deaths that was essentially imposed on us just for that “OMFG” factor.Sophia can be a bit debatable. If Carol never lost Sophia, I don’t think we’d ever have the Carol that we see now in season 4. But her arc could have gone further, especially growing up on the show with Carl.Tyreese just seems to fall flat in terms of his adaptation. He was such a central character in the comics, especially considering he was introduced a lot earlier, but he just doesn’t have that spark he had in the comics to make him stand out.Allen, Donna, and Ben — the way their characters were introduced in the show was absolutely not fucking necessary. Their names were the only things that related to their characters. They should have just named them something else instead of just obviously name-dropping those character names from the comics.I don’t even know where to get started with Andrea… Her arc was just…really horrible. I so much wanted to see the badass sniper Andrea we saw in the comics, yet instead we got an Andrea that was a bit all over the place. Her arc still could have bit tweaked and fixed a bit, but it’s disappointing that she was another one that was killed off for that “OMFG” factor…